AUSTIN, Texas – Rainmaker Document Technologies, a leading provider of hosted review, electronic discovery, legal copying, and digital printing services, has announced a restructure in its ownership. Longtime members of the organization, Mark Lischka and Thomas Rutledge will now own 100 percent of the company.

Lischka and Rutledge have worked together at Rainmaker for more than 15 years. The duo shares a dynamic vision to enhance the customer experience by utilizing emerging ediscovery technologies and workflow planning in litigation outsourcing, while preserving their personable, service oriented, and innovative approach. Both will continue to play a key role in the future of Rainmaker, serving as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Executive Officer, respectively.

The change in ownership marks a significant commitment to growth and the company’s investment in serving clients across Texas and the nation. Rainmaker plans to leverage its core expertise in bringing ediscovery to the legal market while igniting the growing platform they’ve been building for so many years.

Per Lischka, the company serves boutique, mid-size, and large law firms with a progressive mindset. “Our vision has always been to provide the best service to our customers, ensuring both quality and deadline compliance. We want to continue that tradition and build on it,” he said. “We understand that one solution doesn’t fit all, and that’s why each project gets a customized package that is time and cost effective.”

In addition to experience and a strong commitment to service, Rainmaker uses cutting-edge technology. The company anticipated the shift from paper to electronic discovery and as a result, continues to invest in the best software and workflow solutions available.

“With our Brainspace 6/Relativity combination for ECA, we have achieved astounding results building a focused review strategy,” said Rutledge. “This allows our clients to conquer massive amounts of data in a very short amount of time. Our goal is to empower our clients to take control of the data sets that previously created immense time, budget, and workflow challenges.”

Both Lischka and Rutledge started their careers in the Austin litigation support community. “We haven’t forgotten where we started, but are excited to see that the technological advancements we’ve implemented are providing innovative solutions for our clients,” said Rutledge. “There are thrilling developments happening in our industry. Progressive approaches in technology will allow Rainmaker to continue to grow while providing greater efficiencies to our clients, which is always our top priority.”

Rutledge added, “With the ownership change, we remain invested in being trusted experts in the litigation discovery marketplace and retain our flexible and down to earth approach¬. We look forward to continuing our legacy of providing exceptional and valued services for our clients in the legal industry.”

About Rainmaker Document Technologies
From electronic discovery to traditional copying and scanning, Rainmaker provides full-service litigation support solutions to help their clients gain control of the discovery process. Offering a combined experience of over 100 years in the legal industry, the Rainmaker Team and its leaders fully understand the nature of the business and how to improve the entire process. From managing a project efficiently to strong communications skills throughout the process, they act as trusted advisors, saving firms valuable time and reducing litigation costs.
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