Rainmaker is your Austin, Texas local trial prep team. We have years of experience helping clients prepare for trial.

Our print center is located in downtown Austin and our team is staffed and ready to quickly turn around your most important deposition and trial print projects.

Austin Doc Prep

We can deliver to your office, hotel, or ship to your deposition location so your documents are ready when you get there.

Custom Exhibit Stickers & Sticker Application

Trial Exhibit Sticker Rainmaker

Deposition Exhibit Sticker Rainmaker

Rainmaker can apply custom exhibit stickers to your hard copy exhibits, or apply digital stickers to your electronic documents. You choose the color and lines of text. We can also help you name and prepare exhibits in the correct form to exchange with opposing counsel.

Plaintiff or Defendant Trial Exhibit Prints and Binders
Walk into court prepared with our printed exhibit binders. In full color or black and white, we can add custom tabs, covers and spines to make finding what you need stress-free. We can help you print opposing counsel exhibits, as well.

Exhibit Boards
Make an impact in court with virtually any image or document mounted on 3/16” foam core. In black and white or color, up to 36”x48” in size. Fast turn around time and delivery.

Trial Presentation Software
We can help you create load files to load your exhibits into courtroom software, including Sanction and TrialDirector.

Discovery Services

From electronic and paper discovery to digital printing, we’ve got you covered.

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Trial Prep Experts

Rainmaker has the staff, hours and printing capacity to help you prepare for trial.

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Hosted Solutions

Access anywhere, anytime with Relativity and Sharefile!

Cloud Services

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