First and most importantly, we hope you and your loved ones are staying as safe and as sane as possible under the current circumstances. Here at Rainmaker we are working in smaller shifts and taking precautions to keep our employees and clients safe and working during this unprecedented situation. As a small business, we are focused on retaining our employees and serving our customers in new and adaptive ways, knowing that we will all emerge from this stronger and with more determination to succeed than ever before. We recognize that the situation is uncertain, but one thing is for sure, we are still open and here to serve you in any way that we can.

It’s no secret that review platforms have advanced, and if you have been putting off learning how to use them, now is the time to learn. If you have experienced a slowdown in work, why not take the time to cultivate your skills and increase your value for the future? We invite you to test out a small case in Relativity and use this time to get acquainted, watch tutorials and advance your skills.

Have you been putting off a cumbersome project? We are currently helping clients with long-overdue back file conversion jobs, making their files easier to navigate and more accessible to all employees. We are happy to discuss that project you have been delaying and figure out a cost-effective way to get it done.

Our print shop is still operating, and we are currently printing and delivering documents for review directly to clients’ homes. Contact your sales representative to discuss how we can help you continue to work safely from home with the documents you need.

It is crazy to think that many of you have been working with our team for over 10 years. Whatever your situation is, when this period comes to an end, we will be here to support you, continuing the tradition of outstanding customer service we started in 2003.

Thomas, Mark, Andy, Edward, Joi & Kim


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