Quick Tip: Adding a Watermark in Adobe Pro

I recently attended a lunch and learn about all the functions of Adobe Pro.  I use this software almost everyday, and it seems like I am always discovering new functions – its amazing what it can do.  I did a quick little watermarking project the other day and I thought I would share with you guys how to do it yourself.  If you have Adobe Professional:

  • Open the document
  • Go to Document in the top menu
  • Click Watermark, then Add
  • Type whatever text you want, then adjust the size (I used 80), the Opacity (I used 20%) and the rotation (-45).

Its really that simple!  Perfect for adding CONFIDENTIAL or a company name in the background of documents.  Play around with the settings and see what works best for you.  Just remember to save a copy of the document pre-watermark so you can easily revert back to the original version if necessary.

Stay tuned for more Quick Tips including MS Excel shortcuts and hints.


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