Paper Discovery

Has your current vendor decided to cut out their paper services?  Are they only focused on large electronic projects, leaving you looking for an alternative?  At Rainmaker, we still see the value in providing our customers with a complete set of solutions to their discovery needs.  We know our clients still deal with paper and we are here to help, whether its a multi-box scanning job or just a few paper files that you need to add to a larger digital job.

Complete Litigation Copying & Scanning

We provide a full range of processing capabilities for hard copying and scanning including collection, preparation and re-assembly of your originals. Whether its simple auto-feed or complex glass-work no project is too big or too small for Rainmaker.  We can provide your scanned documents in a variety of ways including PDFs, load files or help you set up a Hosted environment to review your documents.  Each job receives a Quality Control (QC) review to ensure a perfect product is delivered every time.

Oversize Scanning

In black and white or color, we can provide you with a PDF or TIFF of your oversize document.

Hard Copy Document Numbering

Completely customizable, digitally printed labels manually applied directly to your documents.

Coding / Indexing into Database

Let us make your review and search process easier. We can capture raw data from paper or electronic files for searchable fields like date, time, author, recipient and more. This coded data can then be searched, making pertinent and responsive documents easy to find.

Opposing / Co-Counsel Solution

Your personal account team will pick up documents from opposing / co-counsel, putting you in control of the deadline, quality and price. We will happily deliver your copies and return the originals back to their rightful owner. We offer custom billing solutions and a number of convenient payment options.


LAW PreDiscovery™

Rainmaker uses LAW PreDiscovry software for scanning and most electronic file conversion projects.  LAW PreDiscovery™ software combines production-level imaging and electronic discovery processing (scanning and ESI) in one application. It enables professionals at Rainmaker to pre-review and cull hundreds of e-discovery and scanned documents prior to reviewing and processing. This approach significantly reduces the size of document review sets and lowers electronic processing costs.

Once your team has pre-reviewed and culled down the documents set, it’s a snap to create custom export files for all popular litigation review and fact management applications, including but not limited to, Summation, Concordance® discovery management software, IPRO, RingTail, TrialDirector, bookmarked PDF files and CaseMap® fact and issue management software.

Receive a production in a format you can’t use? LAW allows us to easily import different types of load files from opposing and co-counsel and export them for use in your specific database.