Hosted Solutions

As the volume of data increases, so does your need for a tool that can dig deeper and get to the heart of the case faster and more effectively. At Rainmaker we have partnered with a select group of the best review platforms on the market. Our platform-neutral approach allows us to work with you to select the tool that best fits your case, needs and budget.

Best Fit for Your Case

At Rainmaker Document Technologies, we have a toolbox of the latest review technologies that allow us to help you select the platform best fit for your case. Whether you have a small case with a tight budget, or a more complex matter that requires full analytics on terabytes of data, we will consult with you to select the technology that is tailored to your needs.

Access Anywhere, Any time

Your case is up and running quickly and web-based solutions allow your review team to access the data at any time, from any location with an internet connection.

Any Device

PC, MAC or tablet, we offer solutions that fit your preferences and allow you to review your data from home, office or on-the-go.

Cost Effective

Hosted review means there is no equipment to purchase, no software to maintain and no server space to worry about. Reduce your cost and focus on the facts of your case, not the technical issues.


All of your data is stored at a secure data center with biometric access. You control user log in and permissions, giving specific access to users and document groups that you choose.

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