Hosted Solutions

As the volume of data increases, so does your need for a tool that can dig deeper and get to the heart of the case faster and more effectively. At Rainmaker we have partnered with a select group of the best review platforms on the market. Our platform-neutral approach allows us to work with you to select the tool that best fits your case, needs and budget.

Best Fit for Your Case

At Rainmaker Document Technologies, we have a toolbox of the latest review technologies that allow us to help you select the platform best fit for your case. Whether you have a small case with a tight budget, or a more complex matter that requires full analytics on terabytes of data, we will consult with you to select the technology that is tailored to your needs.

Access Anywhere, Any time

Your case is up and running quickly and web-based solutions allow your review team to access the data at any time, from any location with an internet connection.

Any Device

PC, MAC or tablet, we offer solutions that fit your preferences and allow you to review your data from home, office or on-the-go.

Cost Effective

Hosted review means there is no equipment to purchase, no software to maintain and no server space to worry about. Reduce your cost and focus on the facts of your case, not the technical issues.


All of your data is stored at a secure data center with biometric access. You control user log in and permissions, giving specific access to users and document groups that you choose.


As part of our hosted solutions offering, Rainmaker is pleased to offer Relativity and Relativity ECA.  Supported by a team of top-notch project managers, Relativity is the solution for powerful, proven e-Discovery Software.  Whether it’s litigation, information governance, a government request, or an internal investigation, Relativity gives you a complete set of flexible tools to tackle your unique challenges through every phase of a project. Being a Relativity user also means joining a community of more than 155,000 peers looking to learn from each other and share their experiences.

Review Accurately and Efficiently

A comprehensive feature set helps your team identify relevant issues, protect privileged information and make informed coding decisions.

Get Up and Running Quickly

Basic users can be up and running in the software with as little as 10 minutes of training – with all the functionality they need to be productive.

Create Unique Workflows

Build and automate custom workflows that meet the unique needs of your team – whether it’s a time-sensitive second request or an ongoing investigation.

Uncover Insights

Turn any field of metadata or coding information into a widget to visualize your data, and combine multiple fields to see where information such as search terms intersects with your custodians.

Search Like a Pro

Take the complexity out of even the most advanced searches with an interactive search panel, and start searching right away to explore what’s out there – even while data is still loading













Another exciting feature of Relativity is the option to review on a mobile device.  The new mobile application for Relativity allows you to view and code documents on the go from an iPad app. You’ll be able to access Views and Saved Searches from your iPad, code documents via Layouts, and rest assured that all coding decisions will reflect instantly in Relativity.

Review Documents on the Go

Code documents on your commute or coach with Relativity’s secure and native mobile app.

Sync Decisions to Relativity

What you see on mobile and what your team sees in the office will never differ.  Any changes you make in the app are instantly reflected into Relativity


Relativity ECA and Investigation is a solution designed to help legal and investigative teams assess risk and make decisions at the earliest stage of a case or investigation. With analytics and data visualizations built in, you can understand the context of your data and start uncovering the facts while culling what’s irrelevant. Use the centralized dashboard to gain real-time insight as to how your analysis is progressing and a pre-built template to guide your workflow. Relativity ECA and Investigation lets you spend more time on a focused set of data, reducing costs, gaining insights sooner, and ultimately honing your strategy.

How does it work?

  • The data is ingested into a Relativity workspace
  • All docs are indexed so the docs can be searched
  • Once you are in the workspace you can use all the searching and metadata filtering traditionally available in Relativity
  • Once you have identified the relevant docs, you tag them as Promote. The docs tagged Promote are moved to a Relativity  workspace with detailed review capabilities
  • Don’t want to continue in Relativity? No problem.  The relevant docs can be exported with specific load files used to be loaded into the tool of your choice

The benefits of using Relativity ECA are:

  • Low cost per GB for ingestion
  • Low start-up cost
  • No initial hosting fees
  • Fast insight into your data
  • No long-term commitment
  • No administrative headaches
  • Top-notch technical support
  • Pay to export only the responsive data

The concept of ECA is quite simple – provide end-users with an inexpensive way to analyze, search and report on large amounts of data. We provide a realistic way to answer fundamental questions about your data without blowing your budget in the process.

Want to learn more?  Contact our office at 512-472-9911 and one of our Project Managers will be happy to discuss your case and how we can help.