Electronic Discovery

It’s a new world out there where information is obtained and exchanged in the blink of any eye. This means law firms face an infinite amount of discoverable information like email messages, word processing documents and spreadsheets, not to mention information on cell phones and security devices. At Rainmaker, we offer the most advanced eDiscovery capabilities to help you gain control over this abundance of information. We know electronic data processing must follow proven methodologies to be effective and accurate, as well as utilize the latest technologies. We work closely with our clients to deliver the most time and cost effective solutions.

Rainmaker offers complete Electronic Discovery services from loading and analyzing to production sets. Below is a list of our standard eDiscovery services:

Case Analysis and Strategy Formation

Our Project Managers are involved from the initial meeting through the final deliverable. Before production begins, we offer our clients consulting services and take pride in helping them find the most effective and cost efficient manner of producing documents and tackling their ESI needs.   

File Summary Reporting

To help determine the scope of a project, our EDD solutions have the ability to generate a File Summary Report with information on file types, file size, estimated page count and other useful information. This report is critical to the review and analysis of electronically stored information and allows both the client and Project Manager to assess the scale of the project.

Electronic De-duplication

 Our EDD software has the capability to recognize over 10.5 million different common files and eliminates irrelevant files such as executables, DLL’s, system files and duplicate files. Password-protected, encrypted, corrupted, and unprocessable files are then flagged to avoid unnecessary surprises and delays.  Using selected fields, email and attachments can be de-duplicated from email fields such as: From, BCC, Date and Time Sent, Subject, Body and Attachments. A unique hash value is created and this hash value is used throughout the process to provide an intelligent and defensible chain-of-custody.

Search/Filter/Cull Data

Known File Identification, Date Range Searching and Keyword Searching help to reduce the amount of data for reviewing. Searching capabilities available by: File Type, File Extension, Date Range, Keywords and by Metadata Fields. Once the relevant documents are identified they can be tagged for production and further review.

E-loads for Native File Review

Review your data before you produce. Native file review and analysis leads to a significant reduction in the number of relevant documents and can reduce your review workload and save you thousands of dollars.  

Convert Native Documents to Images

Our EDD solution supports dozens of file types, easily converting your native documents to black and white or color images, capturing all full text from text based files and all document metadata from the electronic files.

Electronic Document Numbering & Endorsing

Document numbering is one of the most time consuming processes in document productions. We can electronically endorse over 20,000 images per hour. We offer multiple endorsement options and can customize the font, position and size of each endorsement.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Rely on the results of OCR to immediately key word search tens of thousands of documents.

Standard or Custom Load File Creation

Our technology makes load files effortless so they work perfectly the first time. We support all popular formats including, but not limited to, Summation, Concordance, IPRO, CaseLogistix, Introspect, CaseMap, Ringtail, Sanction, Trial Director, iCONECT, PDF’s and PDF files with bookmarks.  Have an exchange agreement with the other side?  Even better!  Send us your agreement and we will create a custom load file to your exact specifications.

Load File Conversion

Receive a load file in the wrong form? We can import and convert it for use in your preferred database.

Tiff to PDF Conversion

Don’t have an in-house review tool? Not a problem. We can provide you, opposing counsel or co-counsel with fully-searchable PDF files that exactly mirror your production.

Electronic Media Duplication

CD’s, DVD’s, jump drives, external hard drives and more. We will copy your files and duplicate any labels as necessary.

LAW PreDiscovery

LAW PreDiscovery™ software combines production-level imaging and electronic discovery processing (scanning and ESI) in one application. It enables professionals at Rainmaker to pre-review and cull hundreds of e-discovery and scanned documents prior to reviewing and processing. This approach significantly reduces the size of document review sets and lowers electronic processing costs.Once your team has pre-reviewed and culled down the documents set, it’s a snap to create custom export files for all popular litigation review and fact management applications, including but not limited to, Summation, Concordance® discovery management software, IPRO, RingTail, TrialDirector, bookmarked PDF files and CaseMap® fact and issue management software.Receive a production in a format you can’t use? LAW allows us to easily import different types of load files from opposing and co-counsel and export them for use in your specific database.