Digital Printing

With some of the fastest machines in the business, we provide high speed batch printing of many different file types. We can provide your documents loose, stapled, clipped, or we can insert document break sheets with coded or metadata information to make the review process more efficient.

Color, Color, Color

With the latest in color technology we can take your digital media files or physical images and prints and make stunning digitally enhanced color copies for any use. Whether you need color photographs, prints of a power point presentation or brochures, the end result is the same, beautiful prints at affordable prices, when you want them.

Color Scanning

Its all in the details. Whatever the size we can convert your paper documents into color images and save them to your specific file type, production database and media.

Full Service Bindery

ACCO, Coil, Depo, GBC, Tape or 3 Ring Binders

Oversize Copying / Presentation Exhibit Boards

We have oversize color and black & white printers in house, which means faster turn around times and discounts on high-volume projects.  Color or black and white, no need to separate it out and send it to two or three different vendors, we can handle it all for you.

Full-Service Mailouts

Let us handle the printing, folding, stuffing and stamping. We’ll even take it to the post office for you.

Course Materials and Manuals

From handouts to training binders to DVDs, we’re your complete course material solution.  Whether you’re printing a thousand training manuals or a few customized kits, we are here to help.  We can even handle shipping materials directly to the end user.Course Materials & Manuals

Conference & Meeting Binders

Have a conference coming up?  Let your team focus on planning the event, while we print and assemble the materials for you.  We can deliver them anywhere in the Central Texas area, ship them, or have them boxed and ready for you to take with you anywhere.

The Trial Preparation Experts

Whether local or in from out of town, we are here to help you prepare for your upcoming trial.  Rainmaker has the staff, hours and printing capacity necessary to produce large volumes of prints and assemble binders, folders and redwelds with custom labels.

Are your documents currently hosted with another vendor?  Not a problem.  We can work directly with them to export the documents you need for depositions, notebooks or trial exhibits.

Deposition Prep

We can deliver to your office, hotel, or ship to your deposition location so your documents are ready when you get there.

Exhibit Stickers

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Rainmaker can apply custom exhibit stickers to your hard copy exhibits, or apply digital stickers to your electronic documents.  You choose the color and lines of text.  We can also help you name and prepare exhibits in the correct form to exchange with opposing counsel.

Plaintiff or Defendant Trial Exhibit Prints and Binders

Walk into court prepared with our exhibit binders.  In full color or black and white, we can add custom tabs, covers and spines to make finding what you need stress-free.  We can help you print opposing counsel exhibits, as well.

Exhibit Boards

Make an impact in court with virtually any image or document mounted on 3/16” foam core.  In black and white or color, up to 36”x48” in size.  Fast turn around time and delivery.

Trial Presentation Software

We can help you create load files to load your exhibits into courtroom software, including Sanction and TrialDirector.