Webpage to PDF Conversion

Have you ever tried to print a web page only to have what prints out look NOTHING like what you see in your browser?  Websites and pages are generally not set up to print exactly like you see on your monitor and often times things move around and graphics don’t print out, which can be incredibly frustrating. 

I ran into this problem when I was re-designing the Rainmaker website and I wanted to print sample pages to share with our team.  The paper version shifted and didn’t look the same as it was on the screen so it was totally useless when trying to share the layout and discuss different graphic options. 

Luckily, at an Austin LSA meeting yesterday, I learned of a few solutions that I thought might come in handy.  The website web2pdfconvert.com allows you to type in the web address and bang – 3 seconds later you have a perfect picture in PDF form.  They do put their logo at the bottom, but that can removed later if need be. 

If you happen to have Adobe Professional you can use it to do your conversion, logo free.  Just open Adobe on a computer with Internet access and click file, create PDF, from web page.  Enter the URL you want and after the status box closes, you will have a PDF complete with URL and date and time stamp at the bottom.  If the create date and time are important, be sure to check that your computer’s date and time stamp are accurate before you create the PDF. 

Both of these are useful solutions for personal, professional or attorney use.  Sometimes it is essential to have a picture of a webpage exactly as it is, before someone has a chance to change it.  Hopefully these solutions will make it easier on you!


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