Updated FTP Now Available

Our customers asked for it and we listened!  Our updated website also includes a new FTP  – File Transfer Protocol – section that allows our clients to quickly and easily upload files for us to print, label, manipulate and process.

In addition to sending files to us, the new FTP allows your Account Representative to easily email your finished product directly to you.  Much like YouSendIt or SendThisFile, we can generate a link that allows you to download your file – no password or log in required.  Its completely secure and works great in deadline intense situations.  If your Litigation Support department is located in another office, we are happy to send them load files directly for uploading.

To Get Started:

  • If your file is under 10 MB, you may email it to your Account Representative
  • For files over 10 MB, our new FPT makes it quick and easy to transfer them to us for processing

 Step 1: Go to www.gorainmaker.comand click on Client Login at the top menu

 Step 2:Enter your provided Username and Password – if you do not have one, please contact your Account Representative and they will be happy to set one up for you.

Step 3:  Click on “Upload” in the top right hand corner just below the blue bar that says Logout

Step 4:  Select “Browse” and locate the file you would like to upload on your computer

  • Follow the step above to add a single file
  • If you have more than one file, you can upload one at a time this way or
  • If you would like to send several files together, you will need to create a folder on your computer and put all your files in it.  Then you will need zip that entire folder and upload the single zip file as pictured above 

Step 5:  Once your file is selected and the filename appears below, click the Upload button

  • If it is a very large file or folder, it may take some time to upload and please note there is no progress or “time remaining” bar

Step 6:  Email your Account Representative with the following information:

  •  The Username you used to upload the files
  •  The name of the file(s) you have uploaded
  • If you uploaded a zip folder, the number of files it contains
  • Your billing number
  • The copy/print instructions
  • When you would like the project completed and delivered

Questions?  Problems?  Want to learn more about what Rainmaker can do for you and your company?  Give us a call at 512-472-9911.

To print a step-by-step tutorial with screen shots, please click here.


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