The EDRM and Rainmaker

At Rainmaker, we have experience with the entire life cycle of your data.  We can help with all phases of the EDRM model from collection all the way to trial preparation.  Give us a call at 512.472.9911 to learn how we can help you take control of your data and focus on what is really important in the case, all while keeping you informed and keeping costs down.



Data Collection: Quickly identify, recover, preserve and analyze relevant client data from any computer or electronic device.

Pre-Processing: Our Electronic Data Analysis tool allows you to “poke around” your data, conducting analysis prior to review, processing and production. We can remove duplicates, perform key word searches and filter based on domain/file type/date and other available metadata. This saves you and your clients valuable time and money.

Processing: After your data is in control, convert only the files relevant to your case into a reviewable format. We can create load files for importing directly into your review tool, export searchable PDFs, or print to paper. This leaves you with only the pertinent data for the most demanding stage of eDiscovery, the review.

Review: Your case is up and running quickly and web-based solutions allow your review team to access the data at any time, from any location with an internet connection. We can further assist in the review process by performing additional searches, creating tagged subsets, and continually digging deeper into your documents to ensure your search and review process is defensible.

Production: Once your production tags are set, we use YOUR exact tag and designation markings to create labeled production sets. Based on your production agreement with opposing counsel, we export only the data you want to produce in the exact format desired by each party involved. We can also create a production overlay for your review system allowing you to view documents “as they were produced” in the case.

Trial Preparation: We are here to help with deposition prep, exhibit labeling, trial prints or binders, and exhibit boards.



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