Backfile Conversion Services Now Available

Let Backfile Conversion Help You Stay Organized in 2011!

Have you ever spent time looking for documents in a filing cabinet, only to find that someone has removed them?  Have you ever needed to quickly access a file, only to discover that it is stored off-site in a warehouse facility somewhere 20 miles away?  The New Year is almost here and now is the perfect time to convert your mountains of paper into digital format.  When these important information resources are converted from a traditional paper-based system into an electronic format, such as PDF files, the resulting improvements in accessibility, office productivity, and information distribution can be quite dramatic.

Rainmaker provides high-quality, cost-effective document scanning of a wide range of records, from former case files, medical records, insurance claims, and mortgage documents to builder files or architectural drawings.  We can convert virtually any documents you have accumulated over the years.  To further improve accessibility, folder organization, custom file naming and searchable formats are also available.  Once scanning is complete, we can return or safely destroy your documents and provide you with the electronic files on disk or other electronic storage media.

In addition to scanning services we can also provide you with an electronic document management system that allows records to be accessed across an entire enterprise.  This web-based, on demand solution archives critical documents and records and puts your information to work across different departments and locations, enabling you to effortlessly access, edit and share files.

Take control and call Rainmaker today at 512-472-9911 for a free project estimate and to learn how our back file conversion services can help your organization become more efficient.


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